About Christina Galioto

Christina GaliotoYou will be hard-pressed to find someone who loves life more than Christina Galioto does. From skydiving over Arizona to scuba diving in the Indian Ocean, Christina Galioto is the definition of a thrill seeker. This international playgirl has a free-sprit and a thirst for knowledge that is unmatched.

From a young age, Christina has always traveled. Signed to some of the top agencies in NYC, Miami, Los Angeles, and Milan, Christina has been all around the world and back again. Some of her work includes popular luxe brands such as Gucci, Fernando Alberto Atelier, and Betsey Johnson. Her print work includes Elle, Vogue, LA Fashion and countless others.

Christina describes herself as being a “haute couture hippie with sophisticated sass and gangsta swag”. Her unique style blends tattoos with diamonds in a way that makes it look effortless. This along with her vegan lifestyle is how she developed the moniker “Vegan Gypsy”, a brand that tackles veganism with a free-spirited, go get it attitude.

Christina currently lives in Los Angeles with her fiancé, where she is still killing the runway, cooking up new recipes, and loving life.


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