Flight Fashion: Sitting Pretty on the Plane

baclpacksLugging around suitcases, enduring long lines at security, and sitting in cramped quarters; it may seem as if the airport is the last place you would look to for style inspiration. However, for many people, the opposite is true. Airport style has transformed from super glamorous dresses to jogging shorts and college hoodies. While there is nothing wrong with being comfy, nailing airport fashion is all about being functionally chic. Model and world traveler, Christina Galioto shares her airport style cheats that she lives by.

Pack It in a Backpack
Backpacks aren’t just for carrying your school books. Many designers make great looking stylish backpacks that are the perfect airport essential. They free up your arms without having to shoulder the entire weight on one side. You can throw in all of your essentials and an extra change of clothes in case of emergencies all into your backpack.

Layer it On
One minute you’re hot. The next minute you’re cold. It’s hard to control the temperature on the plane when you’re sharing the air with hundreds of other people. For your own piece of mind, dress in simple layers, ideally long cardigans. Long layers are perfect for keeping your entire torso and portions of your legs warm.

Sneakers Over Everything
I will run a marathon in heels, but when it comes to practicality, canvas sneakers are the way to go. Canvas sneakers are perfect for having to take your shoes on and off during security, are lightweight, and extremely comfortable. You don’t want to have to worry about chasing down your gate in sandals or heels.


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